English for Speakers of Other Languages


Our students come from over 40 different countries with varying levels of education. Incoming students are tested and placed into one of 3 levels of ESOL.  While students are working on fluency and proficiency of the English language, they are also learning critical information about the culture and systems of Massachusetts and the United States.

ESOL classes meet Tuesday - Thursday with the following options for schedules:


ESOL Level I      morning and evening

ESOL Level II     morning and evening

ESOL Level III    morning and evening

ESOL Level IV    morning and evening

In addition to our regular ESOL classes, we are excited to offer an ESOL Level IV class focusing specifically on language and skills necessary to work proficiently in the health care system.  This class is for advanced speakers who need industry specific language and skills to succeed.


Our wait list for ESOL is over 800 students long!  To accommodate those who are waiting for a spot in our classrooms, we offer English conversation classes during the morning, afternoon and evening.